About Find My Bookmarks

An example of how the Find My Bookmarks Chrome Extension works.

Find My Bookmarks: The best Chrome Extension for locating pages you bookmarked, automatically

Ever visit a website and wish you could find you bookmarked there? Find My Bookmarks locates your other bookmarks for the current site, automatically finding them in your saved bookmark list. An icon appears giving you single click access to your bookmarks for that site.

The extension keeps all your data private! It does not save the bookmarks on a server where others can see what you have saved.

Current Features

  • Search bookmark list for the current site
  • Open bookmark list in a new browser tab
  • Share bookmarks through email and social media
  • Delete bookmarks for that site

Upcoming Features

  • Account sign in using Google Sign In
  • Sharing of bookmark groups with friends
  • Show the total count of bookmarks found on the popup window
  • Sorting bookmarks A to Z and Z to A

Suggest Features!

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The Find My Bookmarks extension was originally created by Dean Sofer and Patrick Neeman. It is currently run by Patrick Neeman, who also runs Usability Counts and the UX Drinking Game.